You’re either happy or you’re not.

Over the past week, we’ve been involved with a volunteer community project helping others in need by helping them repair their homes. Giving is far more rewarding that receiving, mainly because the rewards of giving continue to pay dividends.

When you’re happy, you clap your hands, and you know it.

When people are happy that they like to show it as well as share their happiness with others. PubGearUSA is largely based on the premise of sharing happiness which is why our tag line is “Celebrating What Brings US Together” We emphasize the “US” because, in the end we’re all in this thing called life together.

The happiness that PubGearUSA is all about is the joy we find in drinking either our favorite or new craft beer. We know that people who where gear or drink from our pint glasses are doing so because they enjoy craft beer and are happy to show others what they like. So we’re raising our glasses to all of our friends, and offering a big thank you for helping others understand what happiness is all about!